The unique Ferrari 250 LM supercar was sold at Sotheby's auction in New York. Organizers of the auction managed to realize the car for record 14,3 million dollars. About it reports Bloomberg.

The supercar only 1,1 meters high was made by masterful Carrozzeria Scaglietti in 1964. In total 32 copies were made. The car was equipped with the 320 h.p. of Ferrari 250 of LM 3,3-liter engine became well-known thanks to participation in the races "24 hours of Le Mans". At a wheel of this model sat including such known racers as Charles-Jochen Rindt and Masten Gregory however sold in New York a copy belonged to other known athletes — Fausto Morello and Guillermo Ortega.

Initially Ferrari 250 LM was exposed on auction at the price of 12 million dollars, however very quickly the cost of the unique supercar flew up up. Despite fullness of a hall of the auction to the full, the client who has called through the agent on phone became the winner. The name of the rich buyer isn't reported.



Let's note that Ferrari 250 LM became one of the most expensive cars ever sold at auctions.

Photospies managed to make the first pictures of the Audi Q7 SUV of new generation. The car in a protective camouflage was noticed during passing of road tests. About it reports Worldcarfans.

Though all body of new Audi Q7 is hidden by protective masking, it is already possible to draw some conclusions on appearance of future SUV. For example, the car will receive a new front grille, other bumpers and air ducts, other headlights of head light and back lamps. It isn't excluded that the road gleam of the SUV becomes less in comparison with the predecessor.

Under a cowl of Audi Q7 of new generation emergence of 6-and 8-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, including the 3,0-liter TFSI unit (310 h.p.) and 4,2-liter TDI (385 h.p.) is expected. It is known that the car will be executed on the new MLB platform. Thanks to application in a design of aluminum elements the mass of the car can decrease by 350 kg.

If to trust earlier messages, new Audi Q7 have to show on a motor show in Paris in the fall of 2014. However according to recent data a novelty can already declassify in March on a motor show in Geneva. It is expected that the prices of new Audi Q7 will begin with a mark about 70 000 dollars.

The winner of the competition "The Car of Year in Japan" (JCOTY) became known. This year an award which hand over to the best model according to expert jury, Volkswagen Golf received. Before within 33 years "Production of Japanese producers became the car of year in Japan" only.

Sales of Volkswagen Golf of the seventh generation began in Japan in June, 2013. By the end of October the German car maker managed to sell in the Country of a rising sun of 13 000 "Golfs". "We are glad to receive this award today, 60 years later after the beginning of car sales of Volkswagen in Japan" — the president of Japanese division of Volkswagen declared to Seeger Sodzi.

On the second place in the list of the best cars there was the minicar of Honda Fit sold in other markets under the name Jazz. Volvo V40 got the third place, and on the fourth place there was S-class Mercedes-Benz.

Let's note that, despite Volkswagen victory in Japan, any representative of this brand isn't present at the competition "World Car of Year" (World Car of the Year). But this time the list included representatives of other brands entering into Volkswagen Group, namely — Audi, Skoda and Seat.