The winner of the competition "The Car of Year in Japan" (JCOTY) became known. This year an award which hand over to the best model according to expert jury, Volkswagen Golf received. Before within 33 years "Production of Japanese producers became the car of year in Japan" only.

Sales of Volkswagen Golf of the seventh generation began in Japan in June, 2013. By the end of October the German car maker managed to sell in the Country of a rising sun of 13 000 "Golfs". "We are glad to receive this award today, 60 years later after the beginning of car sales of Volkswagen in Japan" — the president of Japanese division of Volkswagen declared to Seeger Sodzi.

On the second place in the list of the best cars there was the minicar of Honda Fit sold in other markets under the name Jazz. Volvo V40 got the third place, and on the fourth place there was S-class Mercedes-Benz.

Let's note that, despite Volkswagen victory in Japan, any representative of this brand isn't present at the competition "World Car of Year" (World Car of the Year). But this time the list included representatives of other brands entering into Volkswagen Group, namely — Audi, Skoda and Seat.