On a motor show Mercedes-Benz presented to Tokyo, perhaps, the most cool car in the history.  Yes, of course, in a stock Germans have SLS AMG, however this car is painfully specific.  It is created only for a sports driving.  And the S 65 AMG car it is perfect another.  This car unites in itself luxury of a representative limousine with supercar opportunities.

With the statement that the S-class is magnificent, you can even not argue. The editor-in-chief of "Mail.Ru Car" Denis Smolyanov already could be convinced that this car is very comfortable, especially for passengers of the second row of chairs. However Mercedes-Benz made a huge sedan also rather fast. After all under a cowl this car has a 6,0-liter V12 motor with pressurization by capacity already 630 h.p., and the torque is at all equal 1000 Nm. It at once on 45 h.p. and 100 Nm is more, than at S 63 AMG shown recently. Yes, the difference not such huge and to understand distinctions in dynamics of "65th" and "63rd" it will appear not easy. However for many buyers of Meredes-Benz these additional "horses" also will have defining value.

The most powerful Mercedes-Benz of a S-class will receive the 20-inch forged disks with tires of dimension 255/40 in front and 285/35 behind
Certainly, together with the engine the machine gun will begin to work. However not simple, but created by engineers of office of AMG — it even received the special name AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic. This box will allow to realize all power of the engine and to accelerate the car of 0-100 km/h in 4,3 seconds. However here It should be noted that less powerful Porsche Panamera Turbo S from 570 h.p. which also was presented to Tokyo, disperses up to one hundred quicker — for 3,8 pages (and the maximum speed there isn't limited on a mark of 250 km/h).

Will cost how many new S 65 AMG while it isn't known. But if to consider that for S 63 AMG in Russia ask 6,9 million rubles, the new model can cost 12-13 million. Yes, it isn't necessary to be surprised. The "very best" Mercedes-Benzs always are much more expensive "not very best"
However Germans are praised not only the dynamics, but also profitability. The car with huge V12 spends for each 100 km of a way of only 11,9 l of fuel (at least, it is so specified in technical characteristics). And if it is the truth, S 65 AMG on - to the right can be considered as the most economic car among... sedans with the V12 motor. Though, between us, now such almost didn't remain. Unless at such brands, as Toyota, BMW, Rolls-Royce da's Bentley.

Certainly, besides the engine, the car suspension bracket was subjected to changes, and the sports mode was thought up even for Magic Body Control system which traces quality of the road and in advance prepares a suspension bracket for a meeting with roughnesses.