Porsche infrequently indulges the admirers (and to their number it is possible to write down 90% of all population of Earth) the novelties. However on a motor show in Tokyo to Porsche showed very interesting car which received the name Panamera Turbo S. This most powerful of ever let-out Panamera! After all under a cowl of this car the motor capacity already 570 h.p. disappears, and the maximum speed of the car makes 310 km/h. And Panamera Turbo S will be issued both in "short", and in the extended version — we will remind that in the spring of this year on a motor show in Shanghai "long" Panamera was presented.

Specially for Panamera Turbo S color of a body of Palladium Metallic is offered. Besides, the most powerful Panamera is distinguished by 20-inch disks from 911 Turbo. One more distinctive sign is painted in color of a body the four-position back spoiler
And in Tokyo showed the car under the name Panamera Turbo S Executive. About it it is possible by the right to tell that it unites "the speed and comfort". After all there is special shumo-and a heat-shielding glazing with tinted glasses, a package of special lighting for back part of salon and the big central console in back part of salon.

However even if to consider "not exclusive" the version, and here with "frills" everything will be in a full order — the list of options was quite short for Porsche, after all the majority of them is included already into the list of standard equipment. For example, 570-strong Panamera получит counteraction system to Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) lists, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus system (PTV Plus) which provides besstupenchaty redistribution of a torque on back wheels in combination with electronic and adjustable blocking of back differential, ceramic composite brakes, the amplifier of a wheel changes the characteristics depending on speed and without adaptive system of adjustment of rigidity of shock-absorbers and a pneumosuspension bracket too didn't manage.

Dynamics strikes — the huge car is capable to accelerate 0-100 km/h in only 3,8 seconds!
But at the expense of what Porsche was succeeded to increase the capacity of the 4,8-liter engine which gave out 550 h.p. earlier? First, there were two new turbochargers with the increased compressor. At the same time the injection pressure which makes now 140 bars was increased by 20 bars. The combination of these two measures means also increase in loading at engine details, to counteract which pistons from a new aluminum alloy and piston rings with a special covering are called.

Besides power, the torque on 50 Nm grew also — now it is equal 750 Nm in range from 2250 to 5000 rpm, and the Overboost function allows to lift this value to 800 Nm. The second positive moment is that fuel consumption on the cycle NEFZ remains at the level of 10,2 l / 100 to km that at once is 11% lower, than at the previous model.

The extended Panamera version possesses the space increased by 12 cm around feet of back passengers.
I received Panamera Turbo S and one more amusing "counter" — pressing of the button can be given to an exhaust sound more racing notes. It is reached thanks to inclusion so-called "the acoustic channel" which sends an engine sound directly to salon.