Kay-cars — special, typically Japanese class of cars which is popular within the country a rising sun because of features of the local legislation. No wonder that car makers featured such cars on a motor show in Tokyo. Suzuki — not an exception. Meet: Hustler concept.

Despite the name, this car has no relation to the known magazine, and it is best of all to translate the name Hustler as "zhivchik". Japanese describe Suzuki Hustler as "microcrossover" though it is clear that is a question of the ordinary city car, it is simple with higher road gleam and off-road appearance.

Apparently, in Suzuki reflected on updating of one of the most popular models in Japan — Wagon R. However this time the producer decided to win round and young audience for this reason at the stand I was present and stylistically more dynamic Hustler Coupe version.

And here, alas, Japanese didn't open technical details of a novelty. However, it is unlikely Suzuki Hustler will receive very powerful power plant, go it to a mass production.